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a walk through colored gardens on paths painted pink with petals
YMCA evening

A Summer Drive/An Affectionate Smile


Hair caught in the wind

A moment caught between the strands

As flashes of golden sun reflect off the hot pavement

Thrust out your hand into the air, movement pressing against your skin

Flying, adrenaline as you close your eyes

Bite your lip and dig your toes into the warm dashboard

You passed a smile over

It wanders between the two of you and casts a heat no sun can burn

Even the sands sparkling, the waters full of diamond radiance,

The salty unsullied fragrance clinging to the air,

The simmers of blurred color on beach lovers,

The soothing and sweeping images as you drive forward

Cannot surpass such a lengthy remain, as the sensation of smiles found in affection


mountain path, Flat Irons, Co
Bear Lake, CO

Snowy Fall
Fall ground

Fall Palette

"Sometimes we are more aware of ourselves in the abrupt reminder of the vastness of the universe than we are in the quietness of being alone."

- Just a little thought I had =) 

(Source: jenngauth)